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Peptides are the world’s most advanced approach to PEDs. Most steroids were made in the 1950’s, and peptides — just in the last 20 years. 

These compounds are non-steroidal, and still anabolic in nature, just through different biological means. You can get one for any goal, from tanning to natural Growth Hormone release boost. With minimal side effects and moderate improvements, it’s the best of two worlds.

Most Popular Peptides in Canada?

Peptides are diverse, each of them is aimed at a different task. To improve natural secretion of growth hormone, get anti-aging effects and slight muscle growth, most athletes go for these: 

Other options, like IGF-1 LR-3, are aimed at muscle growth. And some are just extra-specific: like Melanotan-2 that makes your skin look tan and healthy, like you just returned from a vacation.

How to take?

Like any cutting-edge technology, peptides are fragile little snowflakes. They come in powder form that you need to mix with anti-bacterial water before subcutaneous injections. 

It’s a bit more hassle than you’d get with injectable steroids, but it’s approximately a thousand times safer than that: these guys don’t affect your natural hormonal balance.

Stuff to Know?

The downside of taking really new compounds is that the we have limited number of studies. The peak of peptides is yet to come: so far, these are still research chemicals. Luckily, we have enough knowledge to be 100% sure that some of them work — and this is exactly the lineup we offer.

What to expect?

Expect anything but explosive muscle growth that you would get with more traditional anabolic steroids. Peptides are a safer alternative, so you trade 80% of the gains for 80% less side effects. 

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