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In the words of Warren Zewon, “it has to happen to the best of us”. So big thanks to the  pharmaceutical industry: the blue pills exist.

Viagra and Cialis can get you back on track in bed regardless of the condition: whether it’s just that you’re not 18 anymore or that you have more Nandrolone in your veins than actual red blood cells.

Sometimes, Viagra or Cialis are also excellent blood pressure management pills. So pick your sex pill and tell your wife to get some energy drink: she’ll need it. 

Most Popular Sex Pills in Canada?

It’s not like there’s a wide array of options, you can pick just one of two best choices:

These two result in pretty much the same rock-hard erection, but through different mechanisms of action. 

How to take?

As a regular tablet: take it, don’t chew it, swallow it, drink a glass of water right after. it’s a sex pill, no rocket science here. Just you and some good time ahead. 

Stuff to Know?

If you have heart health issues, you might want to skip Viagra and Cialis. These two compounds dilate your blood vessels and make your blood running. If your heart is not healthy enough to bear with it, you’re not going to have a good time.

What to expect?

Expect hours upon hours of being able to get an erection with the slightest trigger, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Reliable and strong. 

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