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Winstrol – Stanozolol 50mg/ml – NovoPharm



What is it: Novo-Pharm Winstrol, a brand name for stanozolol, is an injectable anabolic steroid. Just as the oral version, it’s used for dry and hard gains.

Used for: A lean and hard look to muscles, all while minimizing negative effects. The injectable version is not damaging for the liver.

How to use: The cycle should not exceed 4-6 weeks. A cycle of 50 mg of Winstrol injections ED and 50 mg of oral Dianabol, with testosterone base, can be effective for weight loss or muscle definition.


Novo-Pharm’s Injectable Winstrol is an oral anabolic steroid, one of the most popular options out there. It is, essentially, a brand name for stanozolol, a derivative of DHT, This structure enhances the compound’s anabolic properties while reducing its androgenic effects.

Bodybuilders and athletes commonly use it to enhance their performance and build muscle mass. Compared to oral Winstrol by Novo-Pharm, the injectable version has no adverse effects on the liver, making it a safer alternative.

Injectable Winstrol is believed to increase protein synthesis, leading to increased muscle mass and strength. The benefits include reducing muscle breakdown during periods of intense training or calorie restriction and providing a lean and hard look to the muscles, which is unachievable with most other AAS. Additionally, it can stimulate erythropoiesis, leading to an increase in red blood cells, which enhances endurance and performance during intense workouts. Unlike some other options, injectable Winstrol is not known to cause significant water retention, which makes it easier to maintain a lean appearance.

Injectable Winstrol is a versatile steroid that can be combined with other compounds to achieve specific bodybuilding goals. For those looking to build muscle mass, Winstrol can be combined with powerful androgens such as Oxymetholone, Methandrostenolone, or testosterone. This combination increases anabolic activity while reducing the estrogenic effect of other steroids, helping to balance the combined cycle. Adding aromatase inhibitors to your cycle and using Tamoxifen and Clomid during post-cycle therapy (PCT) can help reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions and support the body's natural recovery process. Experienced athletes often combine Winstrol with testosterone to reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions and to minimize the negative effects of excessive joint drying. Testosterone helps preserve the body's moisture to avoid drying out the articular bags, while boosting the efficiency of Winstrol.

Stacks & Protocols

There are several different cycle options available when using Winstrol. One popular cycle combines 40 mg of Winstrol with 50 mg of testosterone propionate daily, with injections done at 100 mg once every two days. Another option is to combine 200 mg of Deca with 40 mg of Winstrol injected daily. Finally, for those looking to cut weight or improve muscle definition, a cycle of 40 mg of Winstrol and 50 mg of Oxymetholone daily can be effective, but should not exceed 4-6 weeks.

Novo-Pharm's Injectable Winstrol was first developed in the late 1950s by Winthrop Laboratories and was approved by the FDA for medical use in 1962. It was used by many famous bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, who reportedly used it during his competition days in the 1970s. While Winstrol has been used for its muscle-building properties, it also has legitimate medical uses, such as treating osteoporosis and growth deficiencies in children.


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