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Cardarine (GW501516)

Mild & safe performance booster made for stacks with other SARMs. The PPAR- δ receptor agonist you need at the last rep.

Things to Know About Cardarine

  • Class: SARM (technically a PPARδ receptor agonist)
  • Structure: Non-steroidal
  • Aromatization: No
  • How to take: Oral
  • Primary use: Cutting
  • Compounds in the family: 1 (GW501516)

Cardarine, lab-coined as GW501516, is confusing for newbies. It’s not a SARM, even if everyone thinks so. It’s all in the action: Cardarine is a PPAR receptor agonist.

Practically, it pumps up your training intensity, helps with weight loss, keeps your heart rate steady, so you’re not gasping after a set, and speeds up your recovery from grueling workouts.

Cardarine Action Points

As all SARMS and SARM-like compounds, works best in stacks. Pairing Cardarine with HGH Frag 176-191 shreds fat. Want endurance? Team it up with Aicar (AMPK activator). Eyeing lean muscle? Ostarine’s your stack of choice.

By itself, Cardarine is a capable performance booster as well:

  • Fat meltdown? Check;
  • Muscles get more energy? Double check;
  • Performance boost? Yup;
  • Feeling like a superhero? Yup;
  • Protecting your heart in the process? Absolutely.

You get the point: it’s all about endurance. Need a last-minute burst for your HIIT? Cardarine is like an energy drink, minus the jitters. And the best part is that you’ll see results in as little as two-three weeks.

Cardarine Side Effects

Every drug has a dark side, but Cardarine’s is pretty mild. Stick to recommended doses and you’re good to go. It doesn’t mess with your natural hormone balance, and it’s one tame compound in all aspects.

Still, if you go for high doses, expect nausea, digestive issues, anxiety, dizziness and really bad headaches.

Development & History: Know Your PEDs

Let’s journey back to the 1990s, when Cardarine was developed by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

Originally, Cardarine was designed to help with cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders. So basically, they wanted something that’d make your heart and metabolism play nice, especially for people battling diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Introduced as a prescription solution, Cardarine never quite made it to official FDA approval as a drug. There were concerns, especially after some studies on rats pointed to potential health risks (even if humans aren’t exactly oversized rats). As a result, its use in the sports and bodybuilding communities became more “underground”.

Today, while it’s not officially in the pharmacy lineup for treating diseases, it’s made a name for itself in the athletic and bodybuilding community.

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