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Proviron – Mesterolone 25mg/50tabs – Apoxar “LIMITED SUPPLY”



What is it: Apoxar Proviron is an oral medication used to treat low testosterone levels in men on TRT, also popular as a support compound on anabolic steroid cycles.

Used for: Increase free testosterone levels in the body and reduce estrogen levels, preventing hormonal imbalance and reducing the risk of estrogen-related side effects.

How to use: Start with 50mg ED, divided into two doses, for a cycle lasting up to 12 weeks. Proviron is not a primary AAS and should be used as an ancillary drug with more powerful gear to get notable changes in muscle mass or strength.


Apoxar Proviron, also known as mesterolone, is an oral medication used to treat low levels of testosterone in men. Proviron is typically prescribed to men who have low testosterone levels, it’s approved for human use. Sometimes it’s used to treat certain types of infertility in men. 

Proviron by Apoxar is highly androgenic but it’s barely anabolic in its effects. IN the bodybuilding world, it’s used in two scenarios:

  • As an addition to the primary steroid stack for its synergistic effects;
  • As a safety measure to minimize the side effects of more powerful anabolic steroids.

Despite its place in the class of anabolic steroids, it’s not a typical “bulking” or “cutting” compound. 

One of the main benefits of using Proviron in a bodybuilding AAS cycle is its ability to bind to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and other proteins that bind to testosterone in the bloodstream. In addition and because of this effect:

  • Proviron can increase the amount of free testosterone available in the body, boosting the anabolic effects of other steroids in the cycle;
  • The compound is also known for its ability to reduce estrogen levels in the body, preventing hormonal imbalance;
  • By lowering estrogen levels, Proviron can help to reduce the risk of estrogen-related side effects (such as gynecomastia).

NOTE: Proviron is NOT an alternative to aromatase inhibitors. It’s not powerful enough to stop aromatization completely.

Proviron is not a primary AAS in any stack and should not be relied upon as the main substance in a cycle. It is typically used as an ancillary, support drug to enhance the effects of other gear.

Professionals recommend starting with 25 mg of Proviron per day for women and 50 mg per day for men, divided into two doses. You should know:

  1. At high doses, the drug can cause fluid retention, leading to bloating and worse look in general;
  2. The recommended daily dosage range is 50-150 mg per day for men, depending on their body weight;
  3. The cycle should not last more than 4-5 weeks for women and up to 8-12 weeks for men. 

It's important to note that Apoxar Proviron can be detected in the body for up to six weeks after the end of the cycle. Please consider this when planning your cycle to avoid detection during competitions.

Proviron, despite the absence of strong anabolic effects, still has an extensive list of side effects:

  • Suppression of natural testosterone production;
  • Increased risk of liver damage when used in high doses or for an extended period;
  • Headaches, acne, and oily skin;
  • Increased risk of mental side effects (depression, anxiety, irritability).

Proviron does not aromatize, does not convert to estrogen in the body, so it does not require the use of aromatase inhibitors. In fact, it acts as a weak aromatase inhibitor itself. Note that other anabolic steroids in the stack MIGHT require use of AIs like Arimidex, and Proviron is not capable of fulfilling this role alone.

Since Proviron suppresses natural testosterone production, it is recommended to go for post-cycle therapy regardless of the mildness of other anabolics in your cycle. PCT is crucial to restore normal testosterone levels after discontinuing any AAS.

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