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Proviron – Mesterolon 25mg/50tabs – NovoPharm “LIMITED SUPPLY”



What is it: Novo-Pharm’s Proviron is an androgenic steroid with mild anabolic properties, optimized for oral administration.

Used for: Boosting other compounds in the stack, as a support compound. Proviron can raise free testosterone levels, reduce estrogen levels, and counter the side effects of other steroids.

How to use: A typical dose is 50mg per day, up to 100mg if you run just mild gear in the stack. The cycle duration is up to 12 weeks. Taking proviron solo is not recommended, it should be accompanied by at least a medium dose of Testosterone.


Proviron by Novo-Pharm is an androgenic steroid that is often used as an addition to a primary steroid stack. 

Despite not being a typical bulker compound, it can act as a booster for the cycle or as a safety measure to minimize the side effects of more powerful gear.

One of the main benefits of using Proviron in a bodybuilding cycle is its ability to bind to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and other proteins that bind to testosterone in the bloodstream. 

This means that Proviron can actually increase the amount of free testosterone available in the body, boosting the anabolic effects of other steroids in the cycle.

Additionally, it's known for its ability to reduce estrogen levels in the body, preventing hormonal imbalance and reducing the risk of estrogen-related side effects such as gynecomastia.

Instead of simply making you grow, Proviron offers a range of support functions:

  • Suppressing SHBG to give other gear in the stack a major boost;
  • Improving muscle density and hardness without bloating;
  • Boosting libido to counter erection issues that can occur with other steroids;
  • Acting as a weak antidepressant to counter mental side effects;
  • enhancing protein synthesis to provide slightly notable, but still — muscle mass gains;
  • Lowering estrogen levels in the body, normalizing production of testosterone and sperm, restoring erection and curing infertility.

To take Proviron right, the very first thing you should do is ensure that you're taking a genuine product from a reputable source and look for third-party lab tests to avoid counterfeit products. 

The best way to take Proviron by Novo-Pharm is as you would take any other steroid in the stack, just not expecting it to deliver any real gains. 

Proviron has a relatively long half-life, so you can split the daily dose in equal parts by breaking the pill in half. It's important to monitor your body and adjust the dose accordingly, as it can have some mild side effects.

A typical dose of Proviron is 50mg per day, but some take up to 100mg. The cycle duration is up to 12 weeks, not because it’s dangerous for your hormones, but because it’s oral and you need to give your liver some rest. 

When stacking, it is commonly used with testosterone, as it can help to counteract the side effects of testosterone, such as water retention and gynecomastia.

In summary, Proviron by Novo-Pharm offers a range of support functions and can enhance the effects of other steroids in a cycle. To ensure maximum benefits, take a genuine product from a reputable source, split the daily dose in equal parts, and monitor your health for any side effects.

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